Batman vs Superman trailer: Review

Don’t you hate it when the trailer gives everything away?

Well that’s exactly what the Batman vs Superman trailer did when director Zach Snyder released the clip late last night.

The Batman v. Superman trailer, which gives everything away.

I mean, I’m all for trying to sell a movie, but why not throw a “Spoiler Alert” right before the meaty parts of the trailer?

Anyways, since all the mystery is gone and we basically know how this blockbuster is going to end, I figured I’d look at some of the key moments and analyze them more thoroughly.

Snyder’s trailer opens with a sweeping shot of the Superman suit, famously donned in 2013’s Man of Steel.  The suit looks as good as it did back then, there’s only one problem: no Kal-El.

Superman is not in his super suit.

The trailer then moves to the next shot of Batman’s famous cowl and cape. Again, no Bruce Wayne filling out Lucius Fox’s kevlar designs.

I think it’s pretty obvious from the “trailer” (read: entire movie) that Batman and Superman will not be against each other as the title so blatantly implies.  Here we can only assume that Clark and Bruce are running around without their costumes.  In fact, I think the movie’s title image tends suggests they’ll be doing a little more than “running around” without their costumes.

Batman v Superman logo.  Notice anything suggestive?

Batman v Superman logo. Notice anything suggestive?

Look at how the Batman logo is behind the Superman logo.  The Caped Crusader is extending his wings out, almost wrapping around the world’s most famous S.

It reminds me of another famous movie scene.


Just sayin’.

That’s right.  I think it’s pretty clear this DC cinematic event isn’t going to be an all out battle as the title suggests.  I don’t think it’s going to be a battle at all.  If anything, it should probably be named Batman+Superman=<3

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  I, for one, am happy that in this era, a movie studio is willing to hold up a mirror to society and show how the world really is.

And this explains a lot about the notable absence of Robin in the recent Dark Knight instalments.  There’s always been a questionable tension between Dick (ha!) Grayson and Bruce, but it seems Warner Bros. and DC were saving Bruce for a more “age appropriate” love interest.

Good on them, but I’d like to see them push the series even further, with even more important social commentary.  No longer should these two have to keep secret identities.  This is 2015 for Cripe’s sake! Be open.  Fly free. You don’t have to hide in your caves or your fortress of solitude any longer.

It’s a great cinematic achievement, and I’m extremely excited for the release.  I only wish that Zach Snyder had left just a smidgen of movie up for the viewer’s imagination.


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