Avengers: Age of Ultron leaked script!!!! part 2

With under a month before the release of the second Avengers flick, I’ve received several pages of Age of Ultron‘s final script.  My source, who prefers to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, assures me this is 100% legit.  Since it’s SO much to handle all at once (and because I need to make four posts to satisfy this class’s requirements), I’ll be making four separate posts, each with a different bit of the leaked script.

So here goes PART 2:

INT. Gymnasium. Day

The Avengers are in the gym, training for an upcoming challenge.  The Hulk is at the benchpress, while Hawkeye does the spotting.  The rest of the Avengers are scattered around the gym.


…6 billion, 6 billion and one, 6 billion and two. (Hulk finishes his set and rests the bar back on the thing)


Hulk done. Hulk swole.


Well done, Hulk.  I’d hop on as well, but you might have to take off a few pounds…a few MILLION pounds.  HAHA! (laughs)  But seriously, I’m proud of the team.  They’re working so hard in anticipation for this upcoming football game against Ultron.  Winner-take-all! Literally! HAHA! (laughs)


I play linebacker. (comically puts a football helmet on backwards, stumbles around and falls, shaking the gym)

Black Widow

(falls over while doing squats) Geez.  Watch where you’re falling, big guy.  You wouldn’t want to see me when I’M angry. HAHA! (laughs, while Hulk has a romantic grin on his face as he removes the helmet check out Scarlett Johansen (sp?))


Aye! Would you laddies and lassies keep it down over there? I lost count.  (Goes back to his exercise, which is taking his mighty hammer and bashing it against a tire…y’know, like how they do it in the commercials?) Twenty-one ach! Twenty-two ach! Twenty-three ach!


Hey, do you guys know if this treadmill has any higher settings?!


HAHA! (laughs)

Nick Fury

(enters gym) Listen up you mother fuckers! We’ve only got three days left of fuckin’ training before the big game and you idiots are fooling around in this damn gym.  Now, where’s my secret weapon?

Air Bud

(Walks out from behind the corner) Bark Bark!

Nick Fury

There he is.  Y’know, I may be sick of mother fuckin’ snakes on that mother fuckin’ plane, but I’m not sick of mother fuckin’ dogs on this mother fuckin’ team! (pauses for applause break, waiting for audience to recognize the reference)

The scene fades to black.  Near the end of the movie, right before the full credits roll, the words “Starring Air Bud” appear (like the movie Se7en dealt with Kevin Spacey’s surprise role).  We were able to hide that this was an Avengers meets Air Bud crossover.  Nobody suspected a thing!


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