Avengers: Age of Ultron leaked script!!!! part 1

With under a month before the release of the second Avengers flick, I’ve received several pages of Age of Ultron‘s final script.  My source, who prefers to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, assures me this is 100% legit.  Since it’s SO much to handle all at once (and because I need to make four posts to satisfy this class’s requirements), I’ll be making four separate posts, each with a different bit of the leaked script.

So here goes PART 1:


Captain America and Iron Man are outside chopping wood.  These two, and the rest of the Avengers, have retreated to a cottage.  They’re trying to figure out how to beat the evil Ultron, but they’ve also got other demons they’re battling…

Iron Man

Hey man, pass me that axe?

Captain America

You’ve got it, friend. (passes axe)

Iron Man

Y’know, we’ve battled the fiercest enemies in the world, but who’d’ve thought this TREE would make a formidable foe!

Captain America

Haha, you’re so right about that!

Iron Man

But seriously, Cap’, what are we doing out here?

Captain America

It’s a bit of a work retreat.  We’ve been assembled for so long, I thought it would be nice to disassemble for once; let off some steam.

Iron Man

Jeez, who made YOU captain? (smirks and looks at camera, pauses for laughter)

Captain America

Tony, you’ve gotta start taking this stuff more seriously.  I know they call you Iron Man, but you’re acting like an Iron Boy!

Iron Man

(sighs, bites knuckle before speaking) It’s just so tough, being a super hero.  It’s like no matter what I do, no matter how much I try, nobody understands me.

Captain America

Being understood isn’t what we signed up for partner.

Iron Man

Easy for you to say! You’re Captain AMERICA.  I’m just a man – a man with a machine in place of his heart.

Captain America

Could be worse…you could be ALL machine! (Captain America looks over his shoulder, where a thought bubble appears showing an image of Ultron.  The audience is reminded of the REAL issues at hand)

Iron Man 

Boy, you always know what to say, Captain.  What an interesting group of characters we Avengers are.  There’s a real…(pauses and looks at the camera again) STARK difference between us all!

Both men laugh and hug it out.  Even when they have such drastically different views, they have a lot of respect for one another.  The scene fades to black.


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