Six hilarious impressions that will win over your friends!

Want to show your friend that you know mimic classic, obscure characters/actors? Here’s a few to practice…

1. Christopher Walken 

Your friends will love you saying “Wow” or “my watch” with weird inflections! Your friends might not recognize who you’re doing, so make sure to add in “I’m Christopher Walken” or “I was in Pulp Fiction” to help clarify.

2. Bane

This one’s great, because you get to use your hands as well as your voice.  Cup your hands over your mouth, so you get that classic echo.  Then say stuff about having “permission to die.” This one will never go out of style.  If your friends haven’t seen the TDKR in a while, make sure to say “I’m Bane” or “I was in The Dark Knight rises” to help clarify.

3. Cartman 

Those classic “screw you guys I’m going home” or “I’m not fat” quotes will have your friends in stitches – but make sure to practice.  This one’s pretty difficult.  Also, if your friends don’t watch South Park regularly, make sure to say “I’m Cartman” or “I’m in South Park” to help clarify.

4. Charles Barkley 

Get your southern drawl ready.  This one will knock their sneakers off! Be sure to include the guy’s golf swing in your routine, and but stay on course and constantly reference basketball.  If your friends aren’t basketball fans, always good to toss out an “I’m Charles Barkley” or “I played basketball.”

5. Ahhhhnold Schwarzenegger

Ahaha just playing, it’s spelt Arnold! But seriously, nothing livens up a room more if you’re leaving and toss out an “I’ll be back.” If all else fails, an “I’m Arnold Schwarzenegger” or “I was in Terminator” will help people connect the dots.

and 6. Your mother

This one’s hilarious, because EVERYONE has a mother! They can relate! And don’t all moms have weird quirks.  Don’t get me started lolz.  Best way to start the routine? “[your name], this is your mother.  Have you done your chores?” Instant classic.


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