Review: Birdman

Well, this one took a lot of effort – NOT!

Did you guys see this movie? They did it all in one long, dumb take.  How much talent could that possibly require? It’s like the director said “Uhh yeah we’re just gonna keep this thing rolling.  Just keep going.  MAYBE we’ll have some semblance of a plot by the end of it.”  Despicable.

The sign of a truly great film is the amount of cuts they can fit in.  Have you guys Like Mike? Loads of cuts. Like Mike 2: Streetball? Even more cuts! Do you think we would’ve understood the drama of L’il Bow Wow’s orphan childhood and subsequent rise into the NBA if it had been one continuous shot? Forget about it.

Sean Penn was right to slam this director for not having his green card! How do you say cut in spanish?

And don’t get me started on the plot largely ignoring the REST of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not one allusion to Thor’s hammer, or Tony Stark’s iron suit.  Nope, instead our main villain is “Alcohol” and “Troubles at home.”  Well excuse me if I’m not looking forward to those villains popping up in the next Avengers flick.  Dumb.  And I didn’t see Edward Norton’s Bruce Banner hulk up once throughout the hour and a half borefest.  Not once.

I thought the acting was just okay, and suffered from some major miscasts.  Michael Keaton as a washed up actor who used to play a major superhero? Yeah right, LOL! And Norton as some stuck-up actor that’s difficult to work with? I don’t think so.

If I had to pick one redeeming quality, it would be the exciting prospect of bringing some Spiderman characters into the MCU.  That rooftop exchange between The Hulk and Gwen Stacy was pretty sweet (see: featured image).



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