Watch Dogs: Review


This wasn’t what I was expecting at all.

Released nearly a month ago, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is an open-world, hacker-themed game for Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, and PS4.  Similar to GTA, players take the third-person perspective of Aidan Pierce, and roam around the street of Chicago.  I’d get into more detail about plot, graphics etc., but my disappointment led me to putting the game down, going to my room, and contemplating my life’s overall direction.

I can commend Ubisoft on its marketing strategy.  I caught the commercial during an episode of iCarly.  My, uh, kids were watching that show and I happened to be in the room at the time.  Kids are great, right? Having them sure is fun.  I totally remember the day when my, uh, wife birthed those kids right there in that hospital.

Anyways, I didn’t really watch the commercial because I was watching a pvr’d episode of iCarly.  I managed to catch the title-screen saying “Watch Dogs” and figured I’d pick it up for my new PS4.  Having recently switched over from being a Nintendo-only guy, I felt like I needed something for my new next-gen system.  Boy was I in for a shock…

More like DON'T Watch Dogs

More like DON’T Watch Dogs

I guess I should’ve prefaced all of this with my gaming background.  My favourite system has, and always will be, Nintendo DS.  My most played titles: Animal Crossing, Animal Paradise and, of course, the Nintendogs series.  If you haven’t checked out the latter, here’s some gameplay.  It’s a great game for kids, which is why I own it.  I bought it for my kids.

I absolutely loved the animal content in those video games.  The problem was I found the games too interactive.  Enter Watch Dogs.  The title sold me; here’s a video game where I could just watch dogs.  At least, that’s what the title suggested.

Here I am, 12 hours in and not one dog to watch.  Oh great, I can hack into some mainframe and do some other bullshit, but  I’m still waiting to observe a shitzu, or witness a schnauzer.

I give the game three out of ten barks.


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